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Steps to Register for an European Student-Based Visa

Are you planning to take a masters degree abroad? If so, Europe is the right one for you. Along with being one of the most beautiful countries globally, it accepts diverse foreign nationals, offers better living standards, top-notch infrastructural facilities, world-class education and much more. Contact the Europe education consultant today and register for a student-based visa to the EU.

What are the Documents That are Necessary to Get a Study-Based European Visa?

  • There must be two completed application forms for the study-based visa, and the applicant needs to sign that.
  • You must submit two coloured passport-sized photographs of yourself within the recent three months.
  • You should have an original passport issued not more than the last ten years, and it should not expire for three months after the course completion date.
  • Must submit proof showing that you are a citizen of your country.
  • There must be round trip reservation tickets that are in your name. In addition, it must show the date and flying details.
  • You should have a travel and health insurance policy of at least 30,000 euros.
  • You must also provide the accommodation details as proof.
  • There must be a proper letter of acceptance from the European university, which contains your course of study details.
  • You should provide all historical records of your educational qualification for verification.
  • There must also be proof that you are financially healthy to pay for the study and rent while staying in the country.
  • Receipt showing the payment you have made for the study-based visa process.
  • You must also provide consent from your parents and a photocopy of your birth certificate if you are a minor.

Steps to Obtain a Student-Based Visa in the EU

  • If you plan to apply for the study visa, get all your documents ready before the process starts. Do not forget to convert all your scanned documents into PDF format if you are using online mode.
  • Get the Letter of Acceptance from the college or institute in Europe through which you are planning to get yourself enrolled.
  • Then, download the form from the official site and fill it with correct details as per the passport.
  • Upload all the supporting documents and the passport size photo as per the accepted specifications.
  • Book an appointment with the authorities at a date and time convenient for you. And make payment for the processing fee.
  • On the appointment date, which you have already scheduled online, go with all the necessary documents and answer the questions. 
  • If everything you provide is perfect, you will receive the study visa within 15 to 60 days.

Cost to Study in Europe

  • Generally, the cost of studying in the country depends on the course in which you enrol.
  • The fee to obtain a bachelor degree from the EU is around 8,600 Euros.
  • While the fee charged to obtain a masters degree is around 10,170 Euros for all international students.

If you have any further questions regarding how you need to register for the visa, call DM Study abroad today.


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