Jeddah is not only a single city, rather it’s a link to Makkah and Madinah too. A tourist to this artistically historical city must explore some of its captivating historical and attractive locations before leaving. It includes amazing mosques, historical museums, shopping malls, and many forts.

This city’s port, which is among the busiest ports in the Middle East, is one of its main attractions. As it is the holy city of Muslims, there are a number of visitors who visit this place annually.

After visiting Jeddah, let us introduce you to a few of the best places. Let us have a look!

Tayebat Museum

This is one of the golden historical places as it has multiple old ornaments. It displays an ancient trading and fishing community from Arabia from around 25,000 years ago. Stunning traditional dresses, antique coins and thousands of manuscripts embarked this museum more alluring.

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Makkah Gate 

It is not only an entrance to Makkah but a place of beautiful sights and eye-catching landscapes. If you are a green lover then you must visit this place as it is covered with delightful trees and grass.

There is a big market just outside the gate where you buy aesthetic jewelry and clothes. Not only this, a tempting food street also calls you for dinner.

Khuzam Palace

For individuals who enjoy viewing objects from the pre-Islamic era, Khuzam Palace is very appealing. Because of the presence of tremendous tulips the people named this palace as khuzam.

It is one of the first palaces in Jeddah in which cement and iron are used in building.

Floating Mosque

If you are a sea worm then you will definitely fall for this mosque. This mosque resides at the bottom of the sea. The floating mosque is also named Al Rahmah mosque. It offers amazing sight lines.

The best time to visit this location is during the daytime when it is sunny and at dawn. One of the most attractive things about this mosque is the Quranic verses which are sculpted in 56 windows.

Souq Al Alawi 

If you are a kind of traveler who likes to grab the artistic places back to their homes then you will adore this place. As this has aesthetic shops of jewelry, clothes, and other ornamentals. It is also popular for flower tea which is organic and savory.

If you are going to this place then ensure you do not have any vehicle.


What is Jeddah famous for?

As it is the second-largest city therefore it has many sightseeing landmarks and historical places; museums and forts.

Points to Ponder

If you are a person who enjoys visiting historical places and beautiful landmarks then mark Jeddah on your wish list. You may look for the best immigration consultants in jeddah for complete details.